Paintings & Prints

Opere su tela e carta, tecnica mista: spray, markers, collage. Misure varie, pezzi unici (1/1) e tirature limitate (rifinite a mano). Contact for price.

Cryptoart / Nft

Non Fungible Token

Non Fungible Token. Crypto opere disponibili su Rarible e OpenSea nei temi: Crapitalism, Nolex, United States of American Express e ShellBucks.

Crapitalism: nft disponibili a questi link / link.

Capitalism makes “butterfly effects” that can decide the world and human’s destiny, in a way that can violate pubblic law and skip the civic-minded. It's crap.

Nolex: nft disponibili a questo link.

We don’t need any wristwatch, there are clocks and displays everywhere. Say “NO!” to capitalism, because we don’t have enough time to waste. Crapitalism is everywhere.

United States of American Express: nft disponibili a questo link.

Welcome to the United States of American Express, the place where your passport is traded with a credit card. Crapitalism is everywhere.

ShellBucks: nft disponibili a questo link.

Starbucks coffee costs more than petroil. A gallon of Starbucks coffee is equal more than 11 gallons of gas. Please welcome to the new international business corporate, ShellBucks. Crapitalism is everywhere.